If your request is related to commercial advertisement then please visit our ASPIRE BOOKING page and make sure you check the availability of the venue(s) required and proceed with the needed booking
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  • Requestor shall leave the Premises in the same condition as existed immediately prior to the requestor use of the Premises.
  • It is acknowledged and agreed that requestor shall have the rights to film in the areas that are approved by Aspire Zone foundation only in a pre-approved context and footage to be used in the approved frame only. Requestor will have no rights to sell the footage or use it for commercial unless approved by Aspire Zone. In case the requestor is asking for interviews in the public areas of Aspire Zone the requestor shall ask the visitor before taking his photo/interview.
  • Ownership of all Intellectual Property Rights produced specifically as part of the FILMING/PHOTOGRAPHIC owned to AZF.
  • (Team/Organization) shall obtain AZF’s prior written approval before publishing or transmitting any articles, photographs, illustrations or any other information related to the FILMING/PHOTOGRAPHIC.